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Spannocchia Olive OilWe are pleased to announce that the success of the 2015 olive harvest has allowed us once again to export some of our wonderful oil to the US. After the Tuscany-wide disaster of 2014, when we had no oil of sufficient quality to merit bringing to our American friends, this is indeed good news. So here once again is your chance to buy Spannocchia’s own organic extra virgin olive oil in the United States, and have it delivered right to your door! The supply is limited, and we are giving our members and friends the chance to be first in line for ordering our version of liquid gold.

We have 250ml cans available at this time. Our experience using cans rather than bottles for our oil has confirmed that this packaging method assures safer and easier shipping and better preservation of the quality of the oil itself. We will process your order and mail it to you via USPS ground service.

Spannocchia olive oil is a wonderful addition to any meal – as a salad dressing, drizzle for grilled vegetables or bruschetta, or for making a divine insalata caprese with ripe tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, and a pinch of salt and pepper! A key ingredient of the Mediterranean Diet, recognized as one of the healthiest in the world, olive oil is not only delicious but good for you as well!

Our oil is made from olives grown organically, hand-picked to ensure quality and freshness, and pressed in a local Tuscan frantoio, or olive press. Due to demand we have seen in the past, this year we have augmented oil from our own groves with some additional oil from our neighboring farm, Azienda Agricola Tabiano, which has the same specifications, character, and quality as our own. Tradition is of great importance at Spannocchia, and experience has shown us that often the old ways of doing things are really the best; our olive groves are maintained and tended much as they have been for centuries. But we’ve also seen that for the processing of the olives into oil, modern technology has developed methods for achieving a much higher quality of oil than was ever possible in the past. This year we feel fortunate to have been able to press our olives at a new, nearby family run frantoio using this modern machinery to produce the highest quality cold pressed oil. The result is indeed evident in the fruity spiciness and overall quality of our delicious oil.

At Spannocchia, we consider the olive to be a sacred fruit, and have an enormous amount of respect for the value that olives and their oil add to the culture and history of Italy and Tuscany. What will arrive at your doorstep is the end result of hard work on the part of many interns, volunteers, and staff at Spannocchia; your purchase helps to ensure that we will be able to offer this experience to many more interns and volunteers in the future!

Buon Appetito!