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53012 Chiusdino, Siena, Italy
Tel. (39) 0577-75261

NOTE: Drivers using a GPS device should NOT enter Spannocchia as the destination — it will not provide accurate directions. We recommend following the written directions below. GPS users may wish to enter ‘Rosia’, and then follow the written directions, below, from there.

Country Map to Spannocchia
Country Map to Spannocchia

1. From Siena (city center):
Follow signs toward Porta San Marco in the southwest corner of the city, until you arrive at the traffic circle on the Via Massetana. Take the exit off the circle marked: Firenze-Roma A1, M. Marittima, Arezzo, Grosseto, etc. This puts you immediately on the SP 73 Senese-Aretina road. Continue on SP 73 through Costafabbri, Costalpino, Volte Basse for about 20 minutes, to Rosia. Go through Rosia; you will pass the IP gas station on the left, then the bar “La Pergola”. Bear right to continue out of Rosia on SP 73. 4km after Rosia you will see a small marble cutting factory on the right, and our driveway with Spannocchia sign immediately on the left. Follow the drive all the way (2.2 km) to the top. Drive past the large green gate to the left, down the road next to the wall passing the tower on the left, past the pool on the right, and make a sharp left turn between brick columns to arrive at the rear courtyard of the Fattoria. Enter the guest office through the door to the left of No. 167. If no one is there, enter through No. 167 and go down the corridor straight ahead to the business office at the first door on the right.

2. From Florence airport (rental car lot):
Take the shuttle from the airport to the rental car lot. After getting your car, exit right out of the parking lot and follow green arrow signs to the A1 autostrada, and make sure to follow the A1 signs for Roma, heading south. After the toll booth (pick up ticket), bear left at the fork to take the A-1 south in the direction of Rome. You will pass the exit for Firenze Signa, then very shortly after a tunnel, take the exit for Firenze Impruneta. Go through the toll booth (1.10 Euro). You will come immediately to a traffic circle, which you will barely enter, bearing immediately to the right to enter the highway from Florence to Siena, called the “Raccordo”. The drive from Florence to Siena on this road is approximately 40-50 minutes. Approaching Siena, you will pass the first exits for Siena Nord and Acqua Calda. Exit from the highway at Siena Ovest – Porta San Marco, which brings you at the end of the ramp to local highway SP 73 Senese-Aretina. Turn left and as described in the directions from Siena.

2. From Florence:
Take the “Raccordo” highway Florence to Siena. This is reached from the south side of Florence by taking the Via Senese road through the suburb of Galluzzo to the traffic rotary at the entrance to the A-1 Superstrada. Entrance to the Raccordo is the next right off the rotary after the A-1 entrance/exit. From the A-1, going either north or south, take the exit marked “Firenze Impruneta” to the above traffic circle and the first right onto the Raccordo. The drive from Florence to Siena is approximately 40-50 minutes on this road. Approaching Siena, you will pass the first exits for Siena Nord and Acqua Calda. Exit from the highway at Siena Ovest – Porta San Marco, which brings you at the end of the ramp to local highway SP 73 Senese-Aretina. Turn left and continue as described above in the directions from Siena.

Regional Map to Spannocchia
Regional Map to Spannocchia

3. From Rome:
Take the A-1 north from Rome toward Firenze, and exit at Siena, Betolle, taking the road towards Siena. As you approach Siena, do not continue for Siena Est, but exit for the Siena Tangenziale towards Firenze, Grosseto. Continue on this road towards Siena, Firenze, Bologna. Take the exit at Siena Ovest, Porta San Marco, and at the end of the ramp turn right onto SP 73 Senese-Aretina. Continue as described above in the directions from Siena.

4. From Rome Airport, Fiumicino:
Take the main highway from the airport toward Rome for several kilometers, and exit at Fregene, Civitavecchia, A12 north. Follow highway A12, which eventually becomes E1, to Grosseto (about two hours). Follow signs for Siena onto E78 north. Notice the mileage markers along the side of the road; 10 km from Siena, turn left at the sign for Montestigliano, Brenna, Rosia, etc. Follow this road past Orgia, Brenna, Stigliano, and Torri to Rosia, where you will intersect SP 73, Via Massetana. Turn left and continue 4 km to Spannocchia driveway as described above in the directions from Siena.

5. Directions from Pisa Airport:
Turn right out of the rental car parking lot and follow road to rotary at airport exit. Take the rotary exit towards Firenze. This will put you onto the SGC road that connects Florence, Pisa and Livorno — along the way you will see signs on the side of the road that say FI-PI-LI every so often. Continue towards Florence — the drive is about 50 minutes, and the road will take you to the toll both for the A-1 autostrada at the Firenze Signa exit — follow the green A-1 signs in the direction of Rome, which will put you on the A-1 going south. The next exit after Firenze Signa is Firenze Impruneta. Exit here and follow directions from Florence/Florence Airport.

Contact Information while staying at Spannocchia:
Your Name
Tenuta di Spannocchia
53012 Chiusdino

Telephone Numbers (dialing from the USA): General Office or Villa/Fattoria: 011-39-0577-75261

Email: There is a computer available for guest use in the Fattoria. You must have an internet-based e-mail account (ie. gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc.) to use this computer for checking your personal e-mail.